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Reuben Morgan is currently recording a new project at Sound Mind Studios for release in March 2019.

Producer Dan Walters and Reuben are working together and utilizing the talents of some of best musicians in the Daytona Beach area as guest  artists.

In the same "record release" time frame two earlier works are being digitally re-mastered.

1. "No Worries", recorded in 2007 and

2. From the band "Cherokee Rose" 1987 a project entitled "Remember Friends" recorded in Georgia.

From "No Worries"

"Life Down On The Bistro"

This song written about a Folk Music listening room where I lived and worked 1969-early 70's. The Bistro, 1102 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia.

Artists would perform there for a week stint, and I had the pleasure of meeting folks like Steve Goodman, Gamble Rodgers, Jimmy Buffett, Doc Watson, Louden Wainwright III, Chi Coltane, Ray Whitley, Jeff Espina and Al Cooper, to name a few.

John D. Loudermilk, performed there. The song writer of "Tobacco Road". His wife held a seance, to call up a spirit who resided in the converted two story residence and discovered her name was "Rachael". A verse in this song mentions her as "a spirit that could not rest."

The mention of "Steve Goodman's smile" writer of "City of New Orleans", evolved to an interview with Clay Eals and this song being included on downloadable CD accompanying the book "Facing The Music" a biography of the life of Chicago Steve.